All teams will bring a unique campus-wide design challenge that will define their year of DISCOVERY and prototyping.

The mission of Threshold Design Institute is to:

foster a dynamic community of Latin American school teams seeking to collectively solve meaningful campus-based challenges that purposefully create positive, long-term cultural change at each individual school and across the Tri Association region.

Thus, we encourage all teams to imagine how they might “create the conditions for” the kind of positive, long-term change that will help their schools thrive in the future.


  • How might we develop authentic, two-way relationships with local community partners?

  • How might we become better story tellers about the questions our students and teachers are asking?

  • How might we develop a unified pedagogical, technological and architectural ‘master plan’?

  • How might we imagine a future where every student develops her own customized learning journey?

  • How might we expand the range of the diversity of families who apply to our school?

  • How might we create a more collaborative professional culture based on trust and curiosity?

  • How might we develop new business models that fund our institutions’ long-term goals?

  • How might we create a local / regional / global network of visionaries and thought partners?

  • How might we redesign the admissions process and the hiring process to reflect a ‘partnership’ with candidates, rather than competition between them?