Each school will commit 3-5 members to the year-long program.

Roles and Experiences: All teams must include a balance of professional roles and responsibilities on campus.

We highly recommend that each team be comprised of a blend of classroom teachers, organizational staff, and school administrators, although the precise mix will be different for each school.

We also recommend that each team member brings a vareity of years at the school to broaden the range of cultural / generational perspectives.

Finally, we recommend that the individuals do not all focus on one ‘theme’ at the school. Instead we suggest that they represent a wide array of disciplines, concepts, and expertise to ensure a holistic view of the school’s future.

All Levels of Design Welcomed. Finally, all levels of design thinking experience are encouraged : brand new, casual understanding, developing skills, or deeply experienced practitioners.

What is most important is that all members bring a ‘how might we…’ attitude and a willingness to collaborate.