Each school will commit 3-5 members to the year-long program.

Roles and experiences: All teams must include a balance of professional roles and responsibilities on campus.

We highly recommend that each team be comprised of a blend of classroom teachers, coaches, department heads, team leaders, and school administrators, although the precise mix will be different for each school.

We also recommend that each team member brings a variety of years at the school to broaden the range of cultural / generational perspectives.

Finally, we recommend that the individuals do not all focus on one ‘theme’ at the school. Instead we suggest that they represent a wide array of disciplines, concepts, and expertise to ensure a holistic view of the school’s future.

All levels of design experience is welcomed. Finally, all levels of design thinking experience are encouraged: those that are brand new to the process, those who have casual understanding and are developing their skills associated with design, or individuals who are deeply experienced practitioners are encouraged to participate.

What is most important is that all members bring a ‘how might we…’ attitude and a willingness to collaborate.

The Cost.

The cost of the participation in the Institute is $7000.00 US per team. All school teams are responsible for registration, travel expenses, and any other cost associated with attending the two Tri-Association annual conferences.


The deadline for registration is June 1, 2019. All interested school teams should complete the registration form.

more information.

For questions about the Tri-Association’s role in the Institute program, please contact Sonia Keller (skeller@tri-association). For questions concerning the program experience itself, contact the TDI team.