The year-long Threshold Design Institute journey includes 2 face-to-face experiences and virtual connections, both as an entire 10-school cohort, in small groups, and as individual schools.


Spring 2019:

Spring 2019: Threshold Design Institute applications go live.

Spring 2019: School teams submit their applications, including sharing:

1. The unique ‘design challenge’ the team wants to explore

2. An explanation of why they want to work collaboratively with 9 other schools

IMG_3252 (1).JPG

May 2019:

1. The (10) Threshold Design Institute cohort school teams are selected / notified.

2. May 2019: The Threshold Design Institute program facilitators virtually work with each school to formally define / develop each school team’s:

a. unique design challenge

b. customized pre-research and preparation strategies


Fall 2019: Launch

1. All school teams attend the 1st interactive Threshold Design Institute incubator, a 2-day Pre-Conference offered at the annual Tri-Association Educators conference hosted by the American School Foundation of Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico.

Fall 2019 - Fall 2020

Design teams conduct site-based design activities with support from TDI advisors.

Fall 2019 -> Fall 2020:

  • Virtual design training sessions with the full cohort taking place approximately every month. Each of the virtual meetings will offer specific design strategies and resources to guide each team’s project process, as well as allow each team to share case study updates with their cohort schools.

  • On-going design research and prototyping process with specific process calendar and activities.

  • One-on-One virtual team consulting sessions with Threshold facilitators to help each school individually advance their design projects.

  • Digital project platform to share updates, receive feedback, and access resources.

  • Public ‘case study’ webinars will be held for the entire Tri-A community, allowing additional opportunities for cohort members to share their challenges, successes, insights, and wisdom along the way. This is in addition to the monthly design training sessions.

  • Optional opportunity to meet-up at the annual Live Curious, Go Beyond conference at ASFM in Monterrey, Mexico in February, 2020.


Fall 2020

Fall 2020:

All school teams will meet for the 2nd interactive Threshold Design Institute incubator, a 2-day Pre-Conference experience before the annual Tri-Association Educators conference.

Cohort teams will fine-tune final presentations / artifacts in advance of presenting final concepts to the Tri Association conference as a whole.

Cohort teams will curate an interactive gallery of design challenges, process case studies, and current solutions / prototypes that will be provided for all Tri-Association attendees.

Cohort teams will have the option to submit their case study as a session proposal or speak at a Threshold Design Institute panel session at the Tri-Association conference.