The Basics:

On the surface, Threshold is a semester-long virtual course in design thinking.

Participants – new and experienced to DT alike – will work together to apply human-centered design methods to the needs and opportunities found within their classrooms and schools. This will involve ethnographic research, problem-finding, and creative prototyping at multiple scales. And it will intentionally be adaptable to all subjects, grade levels, and school types.

Going beyond the concept of a traditional course, we imagine the Threshold Design Institute as a dynamic community of innovative educators seeking multi-disciplinary collaborators to push their boundaries.

The inaugural course will run from mid-January to mid-May, 2019.

  • Participants will meet virtually as a collective group for a 2-hour class every 2 weeks over a 4-month period.

  • In addition, all Threshold members will conduct customized discovery work in their own classrooms and schools between collective sessions.

  • There will be additional opportunities at various conferences to connect in person, share stories and strategies, and continue to build our community.


We imagine our Threshold participants are hungry for new colleagues to help them ask better questions.

We imagine our Threshold participants seeking to discover, imagine, and design a new way of seeing the world they already know well: assignments, projects, classrooms, relationships, and learning communities.

We imagine our Threshold participants working together to develop new perspectives as educators, collaborators, creatives, storytellers, problem-solvers, and social beings in every facet of their lives.

We imagine our Threshold participants building a dynamic network of international peers who are equally as passionate about making a positive impact on education and the world around them.